All In One

All in One Community Ltd. offer something quite different from any other business we’ve worked with before.

A local company, they specialise in providing extreme cleaning services including the clearance of bio-hazardous waste and trauma/crime scene cleaning. They came to us as an existing business in need of a brand identity (first and foremost) and also a website for new and existing clients to refer to.

Building a Brand Identity

For the branding, illustrating credibility and easy recognition through design was key. So we set about developing a style that we felt would reflect the unique nature of their business.

Designing a Logo

Using the shapes and colours synonymous with hazard symbols (bold black diamonds with an orange background), we used clear and uncomplicated lettering for their logo, with the addition of the tagline “Extreme Cleaning Specialists” beneath their company name to give further indication of their specialism.

Website Design and Build

We continued this theme throughout the design of the All in One website, using individual hazard symbols to depict each service they provide and a basic colour scheme of orange, black, grey and white.

Web Copywriting and Content

The written content was devised by our in-house copywriting service, created from the basic information we received from All in One along with our own keyword research. This was implemented throughout the copy – not forgetting those crucial background copy elements including metadata and image tags for SEO purposes.

Following on from the creation of their identity and their mobile friendly website, we also created other branded marketing materials such as marketing mailouts with branded letterheads, comp slips and business cards.